Tips on Putting on Make-up

Here are the tips on how you will put on your make up whenever you like. Make up is based on skin types. It is because not all beauty products is suitable on all your facial skin. This is why you should be very careful of the products you are using.

Let’s put on make up like this: Daily washing of the  face is a must for beautiful faces. The face is full of virus so putting on make up with virus is very bad because this causes the face to manifest a negative reaction of the face. Always put on make up on clean face.

Use cleansing oil or any liquid that could remove all the dirt on the face and then start putting on something.

Use peeling gel or wash to remove dead cells of the face so that it would be clean and bright.

Put on base, that is moisturizer to maintain the temperature of the skin. It will help the skin to glow more with the foundation.

Put on your foundation. Liquid foundation. There are so many foundation products you can choose from and you may use the best product for you for better results. The foundation that you are going to use shall be a color that meets the color of your neck. So that it looks natural.

Put solid foundation. This is to dry the wet looking liquid foundation for you. It is very important to dry your face. This is to make your face freshly looking one.

Put on your lipstick. Choose a color that suits your make up and the shape of your lips.

Shape your eye brow with a brown pencil and match it with an eye shadow. This will glow your eyes and will emphasize the beauty of your eyes.